Post your variety requests for the coming time here

I created this blog post so that you can tell me your desired varieties directly. This makes the organization easier for me and prevents wishes from getting lost.

Just write the varieties you want and whether you are interested in seeds or seedlings.

I will prioritize your request!

Your wishes help me to make my organization easier and to be able to offer you the seeds you want.

Thanks so much!


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Hallo, ich würde mir Artemisia annua Setzlinge wünschen. Dankeschön


Plectranthus barbatus


Red poppies and Calirfornia poppies which come up each year. (I can drop the seed heads myself if that helps.)

Elli Johnson

Example post:
Use these option please to keep that easy.

- Tomato small red sweet / seeds
- Tomato Sugar grape / seedlings

Of course you can also use the latin name for wild herbs.


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