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Events - Find out where things are going in Portugal

Events in the Algarve make connections for the future! Discover many interesting ways to connect with others.


Events - Erfahre wo in Portugal etwas los ist

Events that might interest you

Your ultimate guide to the exciting events of the Algarve

AlgarvEvents is a free, publicly accessible calendar of events in the Algarve. It encompasses everything from music, workshops, markets to exhibitions, festivals and parties, all categorised and provided with the venue. AlgarvEvents tries to collect all the information that you usually only find scattered on Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram groups, and various abandoned commercial websites.

Friday happiness - Friday's pizza party night

The Fridayhappiness Associação is a cultural and artistic community committed to self-reliance. The municipality is located in the mountains of Monchique, Portugal, surrounded by nature. The community offers an alternative way of life with permaculture gardens, farm animals, sustainability projects, and art and culture workshops. It's a great place to meet other like-minded people who are passionate about sustainability and alternative living. The community sits on 14 acres of property surrounded by mountains and nature all around, including ponds, lakes and streams for swimming, mountains with hiking trails, and beautiful quiet areas to sit down with a book.
At events in Portugal, connections are made for the future! Discover many interesting ways to get in touch with others and enjoy life in community.
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