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Yatri permaculture and regenerative design


Yatri Permakultur und regeneratives Design

Yatri's communities support people, bring them together and show possibilities, paths and changes

Impressions from nature that connect and strengthen us!
Yatri uses ecological design methods such as permaculture and agroecology to find the most scalable, accessible and adaptable solutions for your situation. With a focus on education, collaboration and implementation of regenerative practices, Yatri's goal is to help restore resilient communities and living landscapes to nourish the future.

Yatri is an evolving collective of designers

Words from the community

"Yatri" refers to a traveler or someone who travels. Every living being is on its own journey in the course of its life. Although the meaning of each trip can be interpreted differently, we are all connected to the same one. 
​ Yatri is a group of educators, designers and collaborators dedicated to preserving and promoting a regenerative path.
Following the symbol of the forest, they pool their resources, energy and knowledge in an exemplary manner. Everyone in the community has a unique side job that is related to Community Orientation. This strengthens the community, makes it resilient and expands connections to help more people.

An example of Yatri's work

Occasionally it is beneficial to have an outside look at a property from someone who is familiar with the elements, seasonal workflows, and the best locations where certain elements will work in harmony with the overall design. Even if the property already has many features, Yatri can assist with advice in many other environmental areas as well as irrigation, water management, soil management and regeneration, erosion control, selection of useful plants, tree disease diagnosis and pruning.
In order to make the most sensible decisions based on ecology, functionality and the needs of those who will coexist with the land, the community is happy to collaborate with new and existing projects. Because they always lead a lifestyle in close proximity to the land, they are aware of both immediate and long-term needs. With current understanding of systematic thinking and holistic design, they are able to design environments that are both practical and resilient.
This is necessary when working with creatures whose existence will outlast ours.
Yatri's specialty is permaculture design and consulting for a variety of projects and for your home

Passing on information is also an important part of their life direction. They offer programs such as one-day wild foraging excursions, two-week permaculture design courses and workshops, and forest garden tours.

Get to know Yatri better and find out how they can transform your garden into an oasis.
Yatri's communities support people, bring them together and show possibilities, paths and changes. Here you have the opportunity to experience Yatri's experiences and work up close in your home. Benefit from many years of experience!
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