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Yatri Permakultur und regeneratives Design

Yatri permaculture and regenerative design

Yatri's communities support people, bring them together and show possibilities, paths and changes. Here you have the opportunity to experience Yatri's experiences and work up close in your home. Benefit from many...
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Märkte in der Algarve und Alentejo Portugal

Markets in Algarve and Alentejo Portugal

Always be informed about where the nearest free markets are in Portugal and where you can get your healthy and unique homemade products! Enjoy the advantages of a huge community in Portugal...
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Events - Erfahre wo in Portugal etwas los ist

Events - Find out where things are going in Portugal

At events in Portugal, connections are made for the future! Discover many interesting ways to get in touch with others and enjoy life in community.
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Telegram Gruppen - Werde Teil der Gemeinschaft in Portugal

Telegram Groups - Become part of the Community in Portugal

Here you will find the opportunity to get in touch with other people in the form of chats. Find out new information straight away, join the groups and get to know many...
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