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Here you can support us with a donation. We gratefully accept any kind of donation that helps us move forward faster.
Why do we accept donations?
Conservation and global organization with the dissemination of ancient vegetables and medicinal plants requires a lot of time, space, materials, discipline and commitment. In order to propagate seeds qualitatively or until an old variety is available again for cultivation in the garden or in the field, it usually takes years of research, conservation breeding and propagation work. Also, the physical help and mental support that we offer to the public free of charge requires a lot of time and a certain material investment of money.

With your donation, you enable us to support other conservation breeds more intensively in order to obtain more varieties and to make other varieties and larger quantities available. You will also help us to visit and support markets more comprehensively, as well as to provide psychological help more frequently.
To support our grateful and voluntary work in our life project, you can leave us a donation at the following account number:
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Bank information:
Name: Benjamin Scheibke
IBAN: LT67 3250 0491 3425 3248 
Bank Name: Revolut Bank 
Reference: Donation
You are also welcome to support us with useful items. To do so, contact us on +351 961 862 991 or use the button at the bottom right of our website.
With gratitude, we use every donation exclusively for our charitable work.