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Blue Swedish plugs

Blue Swedish plugs

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Why is the potato flesh colored and why are they so healthy?

The so-called anthocyanins are responsible for the red and blue coloring. These are natural color pigments that color fruit or vegetables. These color pigments protect plants from unfavorable substances to keep them healthy. If these substances are absorbed in the human body, the consumption of blue and red-fleshed potatoes also has a positive effect on health and prevents various diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular problems. Colored potatoes not only look good in variety, but also form a sensible and natural dietary supplement.
The pigment content depends on the variety and is genetically determined. The more intense the colour, the higher the anthocyanin content of the tuber. However, it also increases the more stress a plant is exposed to. This shows that in years with lower yields, due to heat, drought or early disease, an increased formation of anthocyanins can be seen in the colored tubers.

Tips to reduce water use

We recommend mulching the beds.
Experience has shown that covering the ground with hay or straw can reduce evaporation by 80%. Keeping the beds evenly moist will create an optimal moist microclimate under the mulch. This not only helps the plants to grow, but also reduces the water consumption enormously. On our farm we only water every 2-3 days and irrigate a 200 m2 cultivation area in the Algarve in Portugal with 500l of water. Our beds are always moist, which promotes plant growth and crop quality.

It is also advisable to keep the beds moist at all times.
Even if the bed is not used for a certain period of time. Drying out the soil causes a huge reduction in the micro- and macro-organisms in the soil, resulting in an infertile soil.
Tests have shown that the addition of water to the entire bed is lower over a longer period of time than if it is only poured selectively. Due to the small volume of the poured areas, as opposed to the large dry volume, they dry out faster than if the entire volume of the bed were filled with moisture.
Similar to heating in an apartment.

Maintaining an energy level always requires less energy than having to reach this level again and again.

Pickup information

You can pick up your order at any time by appointment at our farm or at the markets we visit. The possible pick-up options will be displayed to you directly when you check out.

Markets we visit can be found above in the menu bar under "Market Dates"

The Blue Sweden potato is a very old, medium-early and predominantly firm-boiling variety. The robust and healthy plants form medium-sized round-oval tubers, have a dark blue skin and blue-purple flesh, in addition to a good yield. The taste as well as the appearance is unique and brings variety to the plate. The variety retains the blue color after cooking and can provide a nice contrast to colorful vegetable dishes. She blooms blue.

Since the variety is susceptible to potato scab, continuous watering is recommended.

130 - 150 days of maturation.
  • Made with love and in harmony with nature
  • All seeds and seedlings for further propagation
  • Our seeds are always checked for germination quality at regular intervals
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