We create connections, 
not a company.
  • Individual direct help in special life situations

  • Sustainable seed maintenance breeding

  • Direct public help by visiting alternative markets and events in Portugal

Everything starts with
the seed.

About Benjis

After 30 years of development, Benji founded the Benjis community in 2020 to reveal the cosmic side of life...
..and on this website we give you an insight...
We only offer ancient until old propagable - traditional and historical heirloom seeds - especially for self-sufficiency
Seeds like in great-grandma's time!

World wide shipping

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Affordable shipping

Safe and fast delivery

Direct and individual advice

affordable quality seeds

Benjis is the independent community aligned according to the cosmic principles to work together for the global hybrid and GMO-free seed supply and preservation of organic farming, self-sufficient gardeners, families, animals and the preservation of nature.

In addition to preserving the diversity of our fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants, the core of our activities is the free provision of all kinds of information and opportunities to help give people a different perspective on life in order to transcend conflicts and to be able to experience the ever present joy and fullness in life.

Our ideal is to support the spiritual growth (development) of willing people in a physical community. Compassion, kindness, caring, harmlessness and giving are our cornerstones for living in harmony with the universe.

By providing and selling seeds, we support many small private seed farmers and conservation networks worldwide and are networked with many partners at home and abroad.
You can see a bigger picture of our ideal for the future here

Together, as a family, we give and support the development of others in a targeted manner. As oneness in selfless love!

Through our support of regional manufacturers and organizations in order to be able to offer basic goods independently in the long term, you can also find these products or information about them from us.

Thank you for your attention and we wish you a blessed life!
Who am I ?! - I am!

Again I saw the light of day in East Germany in 1989 with enthusiasm in my new body.

I call myself Benji and live independently with my animals Shakti, Indi and Sati, in nature in Portugal. Because of my job here on earth, I use the skills I have brought with me and my enthusiasm for life, consciously and actively gaining lifelong experience, observing nature, the principles of nature, the laws of growth and practicing my own self-sufficiency for over decades. 
From the age of 15 I began to be guided by the Universal Spirit again in order to experience perfect unity here on earth until I was 21. Through my inner urge to perfection, I transcended external events and consciously dealt with oneness and true love for years. On this path in seclusion I learned everything I need to carry out my task. Out of my perception I use the alchemy of the mind to let the universal consciousness work through me to help. 
I live to help become one and transcend the separateness of the ego. To carry out my mission I created a community for potential development in Portugal called Benjis.


This supports the preservation of variety and enables us to help other people.

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