South Portugals Telegram Group for Conscious Events

At Conscious Events you will find many interesting workshops, retreats and events for stimulate your mind and strengthen your well-being. Discover spiritual energies of free people.

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🌸❗️Rules of this group ❗️🌸
🔹 Only events in South Portugal
🔹 Stay on topic; events and communication directly related to events. (Check other pinned message for list of all the other groups!). Services or private sessions are NOT events!
🔹 No hate or discrimination of any kind.
🔹 No sharing of opinions/facts/news about covid/politics/theories > you can be restricted from sending any messages to this group.
🔹 Posting events only 1x per edition of event (unless there are important announcements about changes etc.)
🔹 English or Portuguese only
🔹 Reply and ask question in private messages to the sender of the message, NOT in the group.
🔸Send the flyer/poster of your event, use the description to shortly describe your event. Include at least the place, time, exchange & contact or link to the telegram group.
🔸 Especially if your event is reoccurring, it can be useful create a group (or channel) to share updates & new editions 🔸To avoid overwhelm of the group, posting one time per event!
🔸 Only post again for important updates (e.g. change of location, cancellation, confusion etc.)