The natural and healthy elixir for supporting the immune system - 100% organic natural ingredients -

Fire Cider: The Producer

Hi, I am Jana, the producer of the locally brewed Fire Cider. Originally from Belgium. I arrived in the South-West area of Portugal about 3 years ago.
Soon after I fell in love with the people, the communal vibe, the climate and the
I feel the people I have had the pleasure
to meet identify with my life values, and I’ve been meeting very interesting people during the time I’ve spent living here.
I love going on adventures, cooking and brewing things. I’ve always had an interest in the medicinal use of spices, plants and food, so in Spring of 2021, I started brewing Fire Cider; a spicy non-alcoholic elixir that supports your immune system in several ways, combined with some other health benefits.
I noticed I wasn’t the only one loving the product and after a while I started brewing for friends. It didn’t take long before we worked on the design of my labels, started my company, and began producing and selling Fire Cider.
The process of brewing Fire Cider takes about 1 month and is brewed in
the old town of Aljezur. It is an organic product and is produced with the best care.

My contact details:

+351 913 140 118
Insta: @fire_cider_bd

What Is Fire Cider?
Fire cider is a spicy, non alcoholic tonic, mainly consumed as a shot. It supports and boosts your immune system and also helps rid you of sniffles and colds. Some of the ingredients used - ginger and apple cider vinegar - are known to be a catalyst in helping digest food.
Due to it being a cold pressed product, the powerful ingredients
used don't lose their healthy properties, which makes it an antibacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory and anti fungal product with several vitamins and minerals, helping to take care of things such as high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels.
The process of brewing this product takes a full month and is done with the best care to ensure the quality of this product stays consistent and high. It naturally preserves well, although it is suggested to store in the fridge if possible.

The ingredients are:
● Apple Cider Vinegar ● Piri-piri
● Ginger ● Galanga
● Turmeric (Curcuma) ● Lemon
● Onion ● Honey
● Garlic
Locally made in Aljezur.