Hello wild creatures,
my Name is Dominic.
Over the years my existence has been shaped as a struggle for survival.
Sport has always been a constant companion in my life and has encouraged my willpower... the will that carried me beyond the pain and transformed me from a "survival artist" to a"living artist".
Combined with sport and inspired by nature, I found my passion: calisthenics.
For me this kind of sport means "body art".
You will train almost exclusively with your own bodyweight and always outside in nature.
Specialized in the technique and flexibility of your movements, the strength, endurance and aesthetics of your muscles, the harmony between body and mind, and the focus on natural movement.
Together we will develop a training plan that is perfectly tailored to you and your goals in order to awaken your inner wild artistic figure and make you strong for life! You are unique and you are the creator... face it! 💪🐺


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