For the preservation of our diversity

We offer you originally bred varieties for further propagation. Discover the diversity of our nature, we'll show you what's available!
For a vital plant, all seedlings have germinated and grown under natural conditions.

Post your variety requests for the coming time here

Due to our current life situation, we cannot offer any seedlings at the moment.

As soon as we offer new seedlings, we will post them in our Telegram group.

Here you will find our currently available seedlings sorted by plant species. All offered seedlings are only offered in the possible planting times.

If you have more than 100 seedlings of one variety, we ask that you pre-order by email.

A delivery of seedlings within a radius of 100km from Sao Marcos da Serra is also possible. We charge 0.20 cents per km. The minimum order value for deliveries is at least 100€.

We want to reduce energy and environmental pollution and call for organizing bulk orders.

If you are interested, please contact us.