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Support independent heirloom seed maintenance breeding in Portugal!

You love nature, life, love and the air and you have a camper or you love to sleep in a tent in nature? Are you looking for a temporary place in the sunny Algarve in Portugal and would you like to help with local independent seed conservation on a farm?

We offer on our current farm on 19 hectares of land in nature, near São Marcos da Serra in the southern Algarve of Portugal, 3 places for temporary campers or tents. Besides seed maintenance, seedlings and vegetable growing, we also have 7 Australian emus on the land.
Since we do everything ourselves, live self-sufficiently and have only been doing seed conservation on this land for a year, we have not yet been able to build composting toilets or showers due to other priorities. Daily business must therefore be carried out with the help of a shovel.
Water for washing can be carefully taken from a garden hose. We fetch drinking water together from a nearby mountain spring. We can also do supply trips together. Internet reception is also very good. On our land you will have your own secluded place to stand.

We are free creatures and live what we are on earth for! We enjoy the abundance in life and help other living beings to remember.
We live according to the principles of nature and therefore base our work exclusively on nature.
We don't have fixed times or a minimum amount of work to help. We will do everything together according to upcoming work and your abilities during the time you are with us. Of course there isn't always something to do! We are looking for people who are self-employed and want to do something good for our common well-being. Flexibility is a necessity due to changing weather conditions.

Together we are in life on earth and together we should live it!

At the moment we (Dominic and Benji) live and run everything alone on our current land and are therefore looking for support to be able to get many more old heirloom seeds more quickly, which will soon no longer exist due to government and industrial action.
Keyword seed privatization: For more detailed information please check our shop on our home page.

We also have 2 cats (Indi and Sati) and 2 medium-sized, loving and free-roaming dogs in the country. Shakti and Shiva. If you have a dog, we can only grant you a harmonious stay with us if you have your dog almost 100% under control. If this is not the case, it is unfortunately not possible to visit us at the moment.

Current work that we will do in the next month:

- Greenhouse construction
- planting seedlings
- plant separately
- bed rebuild
- prepare beds in the field for planting

Alternatively, we can also build a compost toilet at the same time.

Of course, you will also have plenty of opportunity to exchange ideas with us.

If you still have a feeling of harmony or if you have any further questions, please send us an email using our contact form.

We look forward to your message!

All blessings
Dominic and Benji

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