Collection: Green Manure


Why Green Manure?

With a green manure, the quality of a garden soil can be noticeably improved.

Green manure is the cultivation of plants that green the soil and loosen the soil. Some green manure plants even provide nutrients and repel pests. Cruciferous plants such as yellow mustard, oilseed radish or winter rape or legumes such as lupins or clover are mainly used for green manure. The green manure plants are usually mown before the seeds have ripened and left on the surface as mulch.

Sowing the green manure is recommended in autumn and spring.


Advantages of a green manure?

The roots of the green manure plants loosen the soil deeply. Some plants are even able to break up soil compaction.
The plant cover strengthens the soil and counteracts capping.
Greening bare areas suppresses the growth of weeds.
By mowing the green manure and leaving it on the surface, it acts like a mulch layer.