Everything starts with the seed.


We are part of the circle of life

We create connections, not a company.

After 30 years of development, Benji founded the Benjis Community in 2020 to help reveal the cosmic side of life.
On our website you will find seeds to sow and seeds for the spirit.
We thank you for your attention and wish you much enjoyment on our website and a happy life!
"Benjis seeds" is the self-sufficient community to preserve our food and plant diversity and to support other seed farmers worldwide. We follow natural conditions and teach from observations and experiences how to make our lives thrive.
The core of our activities is, in addition to preserving the diversity of our fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants, the free provision of information and opportunities. In doing so, we give people the chance to show off their gifts and talents on the Internet by presenting them free of charge in our magazine. This also offers you the opportunity to discover new information collected in an online catalog. In addition, the information also offers the opportunity to gain a different perspective on life and to overcome conflicts of all kinds. Recognize and experience the omnipresent joy and abundance with us in life.
Our ideal is to support spiritual development on earth. Compassion, kindness, caring, harmlessness and giving are our cornerstones for living in harmony with the universe.

By providing and selling seeds, we support many small private seed farmers and nature conservation networks worldwide and are networked with many partners at home and abroad.
You can find a larger overview of our ideal here
Who am I?! - I am!
I saw the light of day in East Germany in 1989 with enthusiasm in my new body.

I call myself Benji and live self-sufficiently together with animals and like-minded people in nature in Portugal. Through the direct recognition of my calling at the beginning of my life, I let life teach me again, whereby I used the experiences I had gained to develop myself further in a targeted manner; to question my 'I' and the outside world.
Durch meine Lebensbegeisterung sammelte ich bewusst und aktiv Lebenserfahrungen, beobachte und erkannte die Prinzipien der Natur. Ab dem 15. Lebensjahr ließ ich mich wieder vom Universum leiten und begann bis zu meinem 21. Lebensjahr die vollkommene Einheit hier auf Erden zu erfahren.

In the spirit of the universe

We discover and fill gaps. Free markets are meeting places for exchange, relaxation, activities and for everyday and special needs. Markets are central physical connection points that have become increasingly important to us due to the decline in visitors in recent years. We regularly visit markets and help support them with our work. This allows us to provide information about the markets in our magazine. Help spread the word, comment, share or visit the markets!

A life for a life

A task for the duration of our lives. We dedicate our lifetime to life, the universe and use the energy gained from it for our tasks in the circle of life. Everyone in our community has their own niche talent, which they primarily pursue freely in community with all of us. With an identical ideal, we focus our energy and create examples of the seemingly impossible - harmony - and the rationale for how we achieve it.
Through my inner drive for perfection, I transcended external events and consciously grappled with unity and true love for years. On this neutral path I learned everything I needed to fulfill my task. I live to help become one again and to overcome obstacles. To fulfill my mission, I founded a development community in Portugal called 'Benjis'.
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