We love a clean planet!
As a result, we pay particular attention to the sustainability of the products we use and offer. In addition to being mindful in our everyday dealings, purchasing new products is also an important part of how we can save a lot of energy. Purchasing new products always requires more energy than maintaining what we already have.
Compostable packaging
For us, sustainability means closing the circle. Product packaging that is not reused sensibly is wasted energy. We close the circle by using recycled paper for our seed bags as well as compostable packaging and foils!
Compostable packaging is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also contributes to the build-up of humus in the compost. Less household waste and a good soil structure in the compost are advantages that we can gain from the waste we use every day.
We are leading the way and are moving purposefully towards equipping our products and those of others with compostable packaging.
You will soon be able to find compostable product packaging for your handmade products here on our website.
Simply collect your compostable packaging in the organic waste and throw it on the compost
Completely transformed into soil by nature after only 180 days
For example: 
Compostable packaging made of Kraft paper, Bamboo or Biofolia
- Made from renewable raw materials
- Food safe
- Compostable and recyclable
-Water repellent
- 100% sustainable and plastic-free
Other interesting information about plastics and their names 
Bio-based plastics 
These materials are made from renewable raw materials such as corn, starch or cellulose. The packaging produced is 100 percent compostable without leaving any residue. Even though the compositions can vary in general and industries add a cheaper material that is not compostable, our packaging always has 100 percent renewable and compostable properties. 
Tip: Bio-based plastic does not always have to be biodegradable. For example, sugar cane is grown in Brazil, which is used to produce bio-PET, which cannot be biodegraded.
Compostable packaging
Are materials that decompose 100 percent within a given period of time through clearly defined biological processes, such as organisms, under certain conditions. This is a new special form of biodegradable plastic that is achieved using modern technologies. Our compostable packaging is made from, among other things, polylactic acid (PLA). As with bio-based plastics, packaging is also made from corn, starch or cellulose.
With this label, you can throw your remaining packaging into the compost with peace of mind
Additional Tip:
In the case of the Biodegradable plastics the term refers only to the disposal of the materials. 
A plastic can be described as biodegradable if it decomposes into water and carbon dioxide within an indefinite period of time due to biological processes. Packaging with this designation does not necessarily have to be based on biological materials. This designation also says nothing about the manufacturing process.
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