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Holy Basil Tulsi [Ocimum tenuifolium syn. sanctum]

Holy Basil Tulsi [Ocimum tenuifolium syn. sanctum]

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Holy Basil 'Tulsi' is a perennial and very ancient sacred Ayurvedic medicinal plant that is planted and worshiped around temples in India. The leaves are used primarily as a tea to combat all weaknesses in the digestive tract, to protect the immune system, to combat stress, to provide internal warmth and to lower cholesterol levels. The aroma is rather sweet for a basil plant and is somewhat reminiscent of cloves. Tulsi is also known in Thai cuisine as a spice for a variety of curries. In Germany it is also known by its Turkish name Reyhan.

General information
Plant family: Lamiaceae
Life cycle: Perennial
Days to harvest: 70 days
Plant height approx.: 50 cm
Root type: Heart rooter
Nutrient requirements: Medium eater
Water requirements: Medium
Winter hardiness: Up to 3 °C
Location: Sunny until semi shady
Soil: Permeable, moist, humus, slightly loamy

pH value: 6.5 to 7.5

Sowing and planting information
Germ type: Light germinator
Sowing depth: 0 cm
Optimal germination temperature: 18-24 °C
Germination time: 5-10 days
Plant and row spacing: 25x30 cm

Optimal mixed culture: Fennel, Pumpkin plants, Chard, Tomato, Apricot, Marigold, Lilie, Asparagus, Tomato
Unfavorable mixed culture: Savory, Balm, Sage, Thyme, Rue, Wormwood, Bulbous zest

Subtropic climate (Mediterranean) (e. g. B. Portugal, Spain, Italy)
We recommend pre-cultivation in small pots from March to September.

Moderate climate (e. g. B. Germany, Switzerland, Poland)
We recommend pre-cultivation in small pots from April to July.

When pre-cultivating, sow the seeds in small pots and let the seedlings grow to the first visible basil leaves. Then plant the pregrown plants from the pots directly into the open field. The seedlings are planted in the bed from the 2nd pair of leaves after the cotyledons.
Basil prefers a sunny and warm location with permeable, nutrient-rich, humus-rich and slightly loamy soil. Prepare the soil with seasoned animal manure. Avoid waterlogging.

Additional tips
Cut the tips of the shoots to encourage branching and the emergence of new shoots. In order to quickly obtain a fine, crumbly and permeable soil, we recommend additional incorporation of biochar and primary rock powder.

Type of propagation
It spreads via seeds or cuttings.

Plant care
Regular watering causes faster and more lush leaf growth. Beds prepared with animal manure and planting in mixed culture replace additional fertilizer applications.

Germination ability of seeds: 10 years

Other Names
Botanical names: Ocimum tenuifolium syn. sanctum
English names: Holy Basil 
German names: Heiliges Basilikum 
Portuguese names: Santo manjericão 
Spanish names: Albahaca sagrada, Albahaca santa
French names: Basilic Saint

  • Made in harmony with nature
  • All seeds and seedlings are genetically stable for further propagation
  • Our seeds are always checked for germination at regular intervals
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