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Wild Rocket [Diplotaxis tenuifolia]

Wild Rocket [Diplotaxis tenuifolia]

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Wild rocket is a perennial Mediterranean wild lettuce and spice plant that originally comes from the Mediterranean region. The hardy herb, which has been used since Roman times, was considered an aphrodisiac and for this reason was later banned by the Catholic Church from being grown in monastery and church gardens. It has been known in Central Europe since the 17th century and still occurs wild today in small populations around the world, with a focus on the large river valleys, roadsides and ruderal areas as well as in the eastern low mountain ranges. The wild rocket is a pioneer plant and the original form of the well-known rocket as we know it today. The plant has narrow, serrated leaves and an intensely spicy aroma with a taste similar to cress and walnuts. The plant has a strong tendency to self-sow, so that it repeatedly forms larger populations. Can be harvested continuously all year round. Very easy to cultivate and insensitive to short periods of drought.

General information
Plant family: Brassicaceae
Life cycle: Perennial
Days to harvest: 60 days
Plant height approx.: 50 cm
Root type: Deep rooter
Nutrient requirements: Weak eater
Water requirements: Medium
Winter hardiness: Up to -20 °C
Location: Sunny
Soil: Permeable, loamy, humus

pH value: 6 to 8

Sowing and planting information
Germ type: Light germinator
Sowing depth: 0 cm
Optimal germination temperature: 15-20 °C
Germination time: 14-25 days
Plant and row spacing: 25x30 cm

Optimal mixed culture: Marigold
Unfavorable mixed culture: Asian salad, Mustard, Cress, Nasturtium

Subtropic climate (Mediterranean) (e. g. B. Portugal, Spain, Italy)
Sow directly outdoors from March to October or pre-cultivate in small pots all year round.

Moderate climate (e. g. B. Germany, Switzerland, Poland)
Sow directly outdoors from April to August or pre-cultivate in small pots all year round.

Sow directly in rows. When pre-cultivating, sow the seeds in small pots and let the seedlings grow to the first visible rocket leaves. Then plant the pregrown plants from the pots directly into the open field or continue to cultivate them in pots. The seedlings are planted in the bed from the 2nd pair of leaves after the cotyledons.
Rocket prefers a sunny location with permeable, moist, humus-rich loamy soil. Prepare the soil with seasoned animal manure. Avoid waterlogging.

Additional tips
Insensitive to short periods of drought. If there is too much nitrogen, nitrate accumulates in the leaves. In order to quickly obtain a fine, crumbly and permeable soil, we recommend additional incorporation of biochar and primary rock powder.

Type of propagation
It spreads via seeds.

Plant care
Pruning promotes growth. Regular watering causes faster growth. No fertilization necessary.

Germination ability of seeds: 5-6 years

Other Names
Botanical names: Diplotaxis tenuifolia
English names: Wild Rocket, Wild Arugula, Roquette, Wild Rucola, Wild Rugula
German names: Wilde Rauke, Rucola, Stinkrauke, Schmalblättriger Doppelsame
Portuguese names: Rúcula selvagem
Spanish names: Rúcula salvaje
French names: Roquette sauvage

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