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Cucumber Tanja [Cucumis sativus]

Cucumber Tanja [Cucumis sativus]

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The cucumber 'Tanja' is an ancient, annual and mixed flowering-dioecious free-range cucumber varieties. Cucumbers have been known to people for thousands of years and have been used as medicinal plants and food. The naturally robust plants are fast-growing and resistant to typical cucumber diseases. The slightly colored and completely bitter-free cucumbers develop 20 to 25 cm long dark green fruits, with a small core and crunchy pulp. The taste of the tried and tested varieties is mild, juicy and has the well-known and popular cucumber aroma. The variety is suitable for outdoor cultivation, the greenhouse and can be cultivated climbing or crawling.

General information
Plant family: Cucurbitaceae
Life Cycle: Annual
Days to harvest: 90 days
Plant height approx.: 350 cm
Root Type: Deep and shallow roots
Nutrient requirements: Strong Eaters
Water Requirements: High
Winter hardiness: Up to 5 °C
Location: Sunny to partially shaded
Floor: Permeable, moist, slightly loamy, humus

PH: 5.5 to 6.5

Sowing and planting information
Germ Type: Dark germ
Seed Depth: 1-3 cm
Optimal germination temperature: 18-24 °C
Germination time: 7-14 days
Planting, row spacing: 50x100 cm

Optimal mixed culture: Beans, dill, garlic, cabbage, corn, pepper, lettuce, celery, spinach, onions, peas, beetroot, leeks, basil, cumin
Unfavorable mixed culture: Radish, horseradish, zucchini, tomato, eggplant, physalis, potato

Subtropic climate (Mediterranean) (e. g. B. Portugal, Spain, Italy)
From March onwards, sow directly into the open air at an ambient temperature of at least 15 ° C. We recommend pre-cultivation in small pots from February to September.

Moderate climate (e. g. B. Germany, Switzerland, Poland)
Sow into the frost-free open air in mid-May immediately after the ice saints. We recommend pre-cultivation in small pots from March to June.

The best time to germinate cucumbers is at an average night temperature of 10-15 °C. We always recommend the pre-culture, sow the seeds directly into small pots and let the seedlings up to the 3rd Grow up cucumber leaves, then plant in the desired bed.
Cucumbers prefer a partially shaded location in a subtropical climate and a sunny location in a temperate climate, with sufficient water and nutrient-rich, humus-rich soil. Prepare the soil for cucumbers with deposited animal manure. Avoid waterlogging.

Additional tips
Cucumber plants are generally cultivated with 2 or 3 shoots. Since the fruits are mainly formed on the side shoots, do not pinch them out, but only cut them after fruiting. Later, raise the side shoots uncut. We recommend a framework for tying the cucumber shoots. Sufficient and uniform irrigation is necessary and has a positive effect on the quality of the fruit. At temperatures below 10 °C, the plant reduces its growth. A regular harvest promotes yield. In order to quickly obtain a fine, crumbly and well-drained soil, an additional incorporation of biochar and primeval rock flour is recommended.

Type of propagation
Spread occurs via seeds.

Care Plants
The bed in the cucumber growing should never dry out completely, regular watering is necessary to keep the growth of the plants stable. M It animal manure prepared beds and planting in mixed culture, replaces additional fertilization.

Germination ability of seeds: 6-8 years

Other Names
Botanical names: Cucumis sativus
English Names: Cucumber
German names: Gurke, Gurkerl
Portuguese names: Pepino
Spanish Names: Pepino
French names: Concombre

  • Made in harmony with nature
  • All seeds and seedlings are genetically stable for further propagation
  • Our seeds are always checked for germination at regular intervals
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