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Garlic Chives [Allium tuberosum]

Garlic Chives [Allium tuberosum]

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The garlic chives is a very old perennial spice and medicinal plant, originally from China. In Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) and Japanese (TJM), the herb is considered an effective natural remedy and is promising for cancer prevention. The leaves of the white-flowered cut bone blue are flat and have a savory and sweet garlic aroma. The seeds are also edible and can be used as a spice. The grown and hardy plant attracts many insects.

General information
Plant family: Amaryllidaceae
Life Cycle: Perennial
Days to harvest: 90 days
Plant height approx.: 80 cm
Root Type: Heartroot
Nutrient requirements: Medium Eaters
Water Requirements: Means
Winter hardiness: Up to-17 °C
Location: Sunny
Floor: Pervious, moist, loamy, Humos

PH: 6 to 7

Sowing and planting information
Germ Type: Dark and cold germs
Seed Depth: 1-2 cm
Optimal germination temperature: 13-18 °C
Germination time: 14-28 days
Planting, row spacing: 4x30 cm

Optimal mixed culture: Endive, strawberry, chamomile, carrot, parsley, lettuce, celery, salsify, tomato
Unfavorable mixed culture: Bean, Pea, Kale, Prote, Chives, Onion, Garlic

Subtropic climate (Mediterranean) (e. g. B. Portugal, Spain, Italy)
Sow directly outdoors from November to December.

Moderate climate (e. g. B. Germany, Switzerland, Poland)
Sow directly into the frost-free open air from February to April.

Sow directly in rows. Needs a cold exposure of 6 weeks to germinate.
Cut garlic prefers a sunny location with sufficient water and nutrient-rich, humus soil. Prepare the soil with deposited animal manure. Avoid waterlogging.

Additional tips
Cut garlic generally prefers cooler and humid climates. In order to quickly obtain a fine, crumbly and well-drained soil, an additional incorporation of biochar and primeval rock flour is recommended.

Type of propagation
Spread occurs via seeds. Propagation via root division is possible.

Care Plants
A regular harvest is necessary to stimulate the new shoot. Due to the initially slow growth of the plants, we recommend weeding the surrounding herbs regularly. M It animal manure prepared beds and planting in mixed culture, replaces additional fertilization.

Germination ability of seeds: 2-3 years

Other Names
Botanical names: Allium tuberosum
English Names: Garlic chives, Chinese chives
German names: Schnittknoblauch, Chinesischer Schnittlauch
Portuguese names: Cebolinho Chinês
Spanish Names: Cebollino de ajo
French names: Ciboulette ail

  • Made in harmony with nature
  • All seeds and seedlings are genetically stable for further propagation
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