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Lemon Bee Balm [Monarda citriodora]

Lemon Bee Balm [Monarda citriodora]

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The lemon monard or Indian mint is a perennial spice and medicinal plant from the southern USA and northern Mexico and occurs wild on limestone slopes. Long before the species reached Europe, it was used by Native Americans as a medicinal plant. It has purple to pink flowers that exude a pleasant citrus scent. The plant is used as a scented and medicinal plant as well as a culinary herb. The leaves have a lemony flavor and can be used both raw and cooked. The leaves, prepared as tea, have a relaxing effect on the digestive tract and bronchi. The essential oil is used as a repellent against stinging insects. A valuable food source for bees and butterflies. The leaves have a lemony taste and can be eaten raw or cooked.

General information
Plant family: Lamiaceae
Life cycle: Perennial
Days to harvest: 80 days
Plant height approx.: 70 cm
Root type: Deep rooter
Nutrient requirements: Weak eater
Water requirements: Medium
Winter hardiness: Up to -20 °C
Location: Sunny
Soil: Permeable, moist, humus, slightly loamy

pH value: 6.5 to 8

Sowing and planting information
Germ type: Light and cold germinator
Sowing depth: 0 cm
Optimal germination temperature: 16-20 °C
Germination time: 7-14 days
Plant and row spacing: 40x40 cm

Optimal mixed culture: 
Unfavorable mixed culture: 

Subtropic climate (Mediterranean) (e. g. B. Portugal, Spain, Italy)
Sow directly outdoors from March to August.

Moderate climate (e. g. B. Germany, Switzerland, Poland)
Sow directly outdoors from May to August.

Requires cool temperatures around 0°C for 1 week to germinate.
Lemon Monarde prefers a sunny location with permeable, humus-rich and slightly loamy soil. Prepare the soil with seasoned animal manure. Avoid waterlogging.

Additional tips
In order to quickly obtain a fine, crumbly and permeable soil, we recommend additional incorporation of biochar and primary rock powder.

Type of propagation
It spreads via seeds.

Plant care
Regular watering causes faster growth. Beds prepared with animal manure and planting in mixed culture replace additional fertilizer.

Germination ability of seeds: 2-3 years

Other Names
Botanical names: Monarda citriodora
English names: Lemon bee balm, Indian balm
German names: Zitronen Monarde, Prärie-Bergamotte, Indianische Minze, Indianernessel, Goldmelisse, Bienenbalsam, Präriegoldmelisse, Zitronengoldmelisse
Portuguese names: Monarda citriodora
Spanish names: Monarda de limón
French names: Monarde citronnée

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