Our ideal is to support the spiritual growth (development) of willing people in a physical community

For this purpose we will create places in nature in the future, where we as a community can promote our development on the way to selfless love.
It is a place of recognizing, growing and giving.
With humility, patience and discipline we learn unity and how to reach our true potential in harmony and master our life of self-sufficiency together. Compassion, kindness, caring, harmlessness and giving are the cornerstones of our community that lead us together to selfless love. Give instead of give and take!

In order to achieve our ideal in a targeted manner, we offer individual development exercises to free ourselves from the current entanglements of separation. Community exercises like:

- Dream Interpretation
- Yoga
- Star exercise
- breathing exercise
- Planetary Polarity Alignment
- Meditation
- Color visualization
- Chakra exercise
- Mirror exercise
- Chanting
- Affirmations
- looking at selfless love

Since autarky is a prerequisite for free learning and living, we also have certain areas in our community in which we live together, outside of common spiritual exercises. This basically relates to:

- seed preservation
- Cultivation of seedlings
- Fruit and vegetable cultivation
- Harmonious animal husbandry
- Nature conservation and promotion

In addition, we integrate the individual abilities of each individual into our community and support each other in realizing it.

If you would like to know more about this or if you would like to support us in our ideal or become part of it, then contact us via the button and on the right.

With love and gratitude, we look forward to your interest!