Not only are our products sustainable, but everyone in our community also believes in sustainability. For this we use organically compostable packaging. Due to the current life situation, this is not always immediately possible. But we are quickly striving to equip our organic and homemade products with compostable packaging.

Why not let nature completely compost the packaging after 180 days!?

For example:

Compostable packaging made of kraft paper, bamboo or biofilm

- Made from renewable raw materials
- Food safe
- Compostable and recyclable
- The packaging is 100% sustainable and plastic-free.

For us and the future of our children, we will make this possible together in the network.
Community and togetherness makes it possible!

Compostable Packaging

We pay attention to nature and therefore sustainability is very important to us.

We are setting an example and relying on compostable materials in our community.