Life is development

Obtain cognition

Already at the beginning of my life here on earth, I noticed that my perspective on life and its effects differs significantly from others. Through the emerging differences, I taught myself, in seclusion, to get to know everything in detail in order to be able to discover and also explain the connections of life. To share the love, health, joy and enthusiasm that I have felt throughout my life.

So now I'm going to give you a insight of my perspective on life. A neutral perception based on our Cosmic Law.
A way to live in harmony with the universe and to get to know the many different layers of being and their connections. A way to get a different perspective on problems, paradoxes, coincidences and luck and to be able to understand and transform them.

I then offer workshops to address your life situation individually and to explore questions together.

Let's develop together and thus make our life our work of art.

What is the Cosmic Law?

To understand Cosmic Law, let's first look at the opposite.
A physical law describes in general terms how the physical quantities that characterize the states of a physical system are related to one another. And so the cosmic law, also called the 7 hermetic laws, describes the spiritual, subtle level. The ones we can't see and touch, but can feel emotionally. The "Cosmic Law" is a kind of guide to how life works on the spiritual, subtle plane, which always precedes the physical plane. This is the opposite, the other polarity, from the physical plane.

What is God and how do you describe God from your point of view?

For me, God is the source, the energy. The essence of life. Pure Perfect Consciousness. Life itself, the universe which includes everything that exists and is real. It does not belong to any religion or any other humanly possible way of thinking. Rather, it is the foundation on which religions were founded, life itself. Religions have different names for this source of life, but every belief is always about the energy that surrounds us, the force that keeps us alive and which leads us from another level. The Higher Power or Force Majeure as it is commonly called.

What is hidden behind the dreams?

The experiences we have while we sleep are called dreams. Dreaming of what comes from within can reveal opportunities, lessons and experiences that we can be as conscious of within as we are of the outside world. Mankind has been dealing with dreams for many centuries. Records from Ancient Egypt, 1300 BC, prove that even then people had dealt with dreams more closely and gave them a high priority. Dreams can be clairvoyant or prescient visions, reveal out-of-body experiences, psychic experiences, intuitive solutions, reveal subconscious programs, and more. They are the mirror of external lived experiences wrapped in a symbolic animated representation that should be viewed as a developmental tool.
Only by becoming aware of the triple nature can benefits be gained from dream interpretation. By consciously integrating our split consciousness, it is possible to use the full potential of dreams.

These different exercises are helpful to use the full potential of dreams:
1. Expansion of the waking consciousness into the dream
2. Expansion of a dream into waking consciousness.
3. Checking dreams daily
4. Affirmations

Dreams you should ignore:
Physical illnesses or disorders, mental disorders in the conscious or subconscious area influence the dream experience and can dominate or even create it. Therefore, the conscious perception of one's own present physical condition is important in dream interpretation.

Why is Jesus the Redeemer?

Basically, Jesus is just about the consciousness that Jesus had. To live in selfless love, humble and giving. To see yourself as one with the Universal Source and allow it to flow through you, to others. Not giving and taking in the separateness of it, as most practice, which creates the problems in the world! That is why the Bible speaks of "Jesus the Redeemer". Jesus = the selflessly loving consciousness, redeems us from the separation of the ego and lets us become one with everything again, provided that we recognize this and truly decide to do so.

Detailed insights

The Law of Life

The law of life is spiritual and works in many different ways in our lives. You can find out here how it works from my point of view and how it manifests itself in life.

The lips of wisdom are closed save to the ears of understanding

The revelation of the law of life serves to give you a reasoned statement, a conception of the truth. A truth that you can see from your own perspective and is identical to the perspectives of other beings. This law, which has been divided into 7 principles, has been strictly guarded and passed on by word of mouth since early Egypt. All the great known teachings, as well as the oldest teachings of India, have their origin in the Hermetic teachings. It's a tool to go from character to player.

The term Hermetic was derived from Hermes Trismegistus, the founder of astrology, the discoverer of alchemy, Hermes the god of wisdom of the Greeks or Thoth the god of the Egyptians. He lived in the earliest days of Egypt and transmitted these 7 principles on emerald tablets.

We have basically 3 levels of presence here on Earth: Spiritual, Mental and Physical. Just as we have Basic Laws on the physical plane, in the form of gravity, we have them on the spiritual plane as well. A physical law describes in general terms how the physical quantities that characterize the states of a physical system are related to one another. This is how the hermetic laws also describe the spiritual level.

There is only one Basic Spiritual Law, which has been broken down into 7 Principles of Ease. Therefore they all work always and at the same time. The 7 principles describe the mode of action on the invisible, spiritual level. It is also called the mental or subtle-material level. In order to keep it clear, I will only speak of the “principles”.

We are all being influenced mentally and emotionally by these principles at all times, even if we are not aware of it. The effect on our lives is greater than we can ever imagine. These are principles of the universe, and since we are part of the universe, they affect us as well. We cannot change or circumvent these principles. Therefore they are also called hermetic [impenetrable] principles, but we can understand them and learn to use them. If we do that, they serve us as a life compass and always show the best way to our wishes. They help us to find the center and to live life in harmony with the universe.

Energy surrounds us at all times, everything is energy, the thoughts as well as the body. Only the different densities allow us to perceive this energy differently with our sense organs. It is the universal power at work behind all, revealing and preserving a natural order called "God" in religious circles.

Everything we need is already within us! The power of God is in us!
It is up to us whether we continue to deal with problems, paradoxes, coincidences, looking for happiness in the outside world and get the impression that we are powerless with our thoughts or dare to look into a level that is palpably present, but is still quite unknown to most beings.

By consciously working in harmony with this universal power, incredible magic unfolds in our lives. The more we deepen the study with these principles, the more we experience the background and a relief in our lives.

A quote from Albert Einstein:
"My research has shown that behind all the world we deal with there must be a great orchestra conductor who directs everything and who wants our good."

The 7 hermetic principles

1. Principle of mentality
2. Principle of correspondence
3. Principle of vibration
4. Principle of polarity
5. Principle of rhythm
6. Principle of cause and effect
7. Principle of gender

1. The principle of mentality

All is spirit. The universe is mental and has a natural order. The First Principle states that everything that happens around us in life is energy created from consciousness, through thought. Through the subtle energy that we form in our consciousness through our thoughts, we determine the gross energy and thus manifest it into our actual reality. We determine our lives through our inner attitude. The attitude towards life, Every thought, whether positive or negative, creates reality.

External circumstances are changed solely by your inner attitude. Become on the inside what you want to create on the outside.
It enables you to use the presence of the mental level in a targeted manner.

2. The principle of correspondence

As inside, so outside. As outside, so inside. The principle explains that our outer world is the mirror of our inner one. It is also called the principle of attraction, which attracts the same, always the same. What we give, we will receive.
Our inner life is the mirror of our outer experiences and the outer experiences reinforce our inner conviction.

Fear feeds fear and makes it a reality in our lives, which in turn creates fear.
But also abundance, nourishes abundance, and allows it to become a reality in our lives as well. We always attract magnetically what corresponds to our inner being. Become what you want.
A tool that allows you to look into levels that are otherwise inaccessible.

3. The principle of vibration

Everything vibrates, nothing stands still. Everything in the universe is energy and in constant motion. The principle shows us that energy always oscillates at a very specific frequency.
Fear, anger, and envy vibrate very slowly, while love, joy, and gratitude vibrate very high. The difference between the two vibrations can be perceived through the feeling of heaviness or lightness.
Become part of the flow of life and recognize that life is constantly changing. Attachment is stagnation and slows down the flow of life.

Use the knowledge of the principle to position yourself specifically on the desired vibration.
Through your inner attitude you change your own vibration and thus attract appropriate circumstances into your life.
It enables you to specifically control your own vibration.

4. The principle of polarity

Everything is dual. Everything has two poles. Each pole is just a state of the one and the same thing. The degree determines the vibration on the scale of the thing. Both potentials are always present. Light and darkness. Love and hate. Rich and poor, healthy and sick. The level of vibration is determined by the level of consciousness and creates the appropriate reality on the scale at hand. The thoughts and feelings are the tools to align with the desired vibration.

When you become aware that both potentials of a scale are always present, you can consciously decide which side to choose. As with a thermometer. The movable degree determines the temperature. Hot and cold are only the poles on one and the same scale.
It allows you to change your own polarity and that of others. To transform hate into love.

5. The principle of rhythm

Everything flows, in and out. Everything has its tides. The pendulum swing to the left is the same as that to the right. rhythm equalizes. Everything in the universe is subject to a very specific rhythm. In connection with the principle of vibration and polarity, it can be seen that energies always move rhythmically between connected opposites. Inevitably, after a low in life, there is always a high. Like ebb and flow. Day and night. Breath in and breath out. Life and death. Everything moves in its very specific natural cycle at all times.

Recognize the respective cycle and move in your rhythm in life, and you will feel the lightness. It allows you balance and strength. This will help you find your center.

6. The principle of cause and effect

Every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. Chance is just a name for the unrecognized principle. Also called causality. An event just creates another specific event. A sunflower seed always produces a sunflower. Every thought we think and every action we take has a direct specific effect and impacts our lives accordingly. It is a truth that creates security.

You are the creator of your life! Sow with your thoughts exactly what you want to reap in your reality. This principle helps you to understand that everything that has been done so far can be traced back to its origin. Recognize the connections and use this knowledge specifically to cause past actions to be different in the present.

7. The Principle of Gender

Gender is in everything. Everything in the universe has its masculine and feminine principle within it. Called gender, it reveals itself on all levels and is equal to its very own qualities. It is not about physical gender or sexuality, this refers to the archetypal characteristics of gender. That is the duality of the mind. The masculine principle of the mind corresponds to the objective, conscious, voluntary, active mind and the feminine principle to the subjective, unconscious, involuntary, passive mind.
In other words, the masculine energy represents mind, giving, goal-orientation, focus and control. And the female stands for intuition, reception, creativity, process orientation and trust.
In a balance of principles, creativity is greatest. We see a person as balanced when he lives a harmony of male and female characteristics. For example, in balance between activity and passivity. Courage and caution, heart and head.

Come into your perfect energy in order to fulfill your wishes and check regularly whether you live Jing and Jang, harmoniously between activity and passivity, the male and female characteristics in harmony in a balanced relationship. Consciously integrate the masculine and feminine qualities in you and thus shape your life piece by piece into your work of art.

I point out again that at all times all principles work simultaneously. None is subject to the other. All are equal and work together in unison. Use these principles to achieve your desires and to harmonize your life.

What is life and the foundation of the planet we live on?

Our presence here on earth has the function of solidifying us in our feminine aspects.

That is why we are on a female planet. This is recognizable by its large water surfaces, which is why it is also called the "blue planet". Water is symbolic for the emotions and they stand for the female principle.

Our task here on earth is to learn to let the mind be guided by our emotions. Only when we remember our BEING can there be an equal and integrated merging of the male and female principles.

The imbalance between the masculine and feminine principle is reflected in many situations in our lives. As well as in our sky. The sun is an image of the masculine principle and the moon is an image of the feminine principle. We can see the imbalance just by looking at the size ratio of these two celestial bodies. By observing the ubiquitous striving for harmony in life, it is understood in which direction the learning task is moving here on earth. It is important to reconcile the principles so that the female and the male principle, sun and moon, man and woman have an equal effect, in order to create the basis for our change in consciousness. Only when "man" remembers himself, the I am, his BEING and thereby experiences and accepts the different polarities of spirit and matter, can he become one with himself and begin the adventure of life. Without this unity of both polarities, limitation to the Governing Principle is effected.

The law of polarity shows us the necessary connection between the two poles. Much like a thermometer.
Hot and cold, male and female, mental (matter) and emotions (feelings). Both are inseparable parts of the one great and whole, the divine. One cannot exist without the other, without divinity, unity, perfection being lost in the process.

However, that is exactly what happened! By slandering the feminine principle, emotions, spirituality, we are unable to experience our divinity here on earth. For it includes the equivalence of these two poles.

Living in only one prevailing polaritarian energy is just an illusion of life that casts the unresolved challenges of separateness into an experience of competition, struggle and defense. In our earthly life this can be experienced collectively. Especially when life is tried to be mastered from the head, from the mental. This creates conflict in our earthly experience, which alerts us to the imbalance and gently guides us down the path of realization.

Negative feelings and beyond that changes in the body are just loving hints of life to lead us to our desired knowledge.

What is separate consciousness or separate self consciousness? And how do all the problems arise in this world?

In order to more easily grasp the whole nature of the Universal Consciousness, the perfection, the essence, let's look at the opposite separate consciousness together.

Life on earth is permeated by separate perspectives and angles that make the ONE appear different from different perspectives.

A separate person's point of view works in two basic ways:
1) Viewing is from a single location alone
2) The view is a mixture of the human's belief in seeing the view from only a single location and a human's programmed beliefs

Most individuals look at things in life from a limited angle, from just one point, they only see one piece of the puzzle, which doesn't allow seeing the whole picture. This results from the fact that individuals see themselves physically separate from others in reality, I and YOU, which is the separation from the "WE" perspective. A jigsaw piece (view from just one angle) is separate in relation to the whole jigsaw picture (perfection), which involves multiple jigsaw pieces (angles) in order to be perfect. That is why we speak of the "separate", which means an incompleteness of the whole picture.

When, at an early age, an individual lives life from only one perspective, certain experiences are developed into "beliefs" that create "habits" and "programs." Due to the prevailing energy of the ego, we form opinions about the current situation, which are further stored in the subconscious as programs depending on experience and intention.

Looking at something from just one angle prevents seeing the "whole picture". Separation is the opposite, the polarity, of perfection/oneness.
separation = ego
Perfection = Universal Consciousness/God

A person's level of consciousness is usually in sync with beliefs and programming.
Since consciousness is dominant, when consciousness changes, whether a higher or lower state is attained, it will adapt to the current new state of consciousness. This reveals the possibility with awareness to transcend old beliefs and programming.

Self Consciousness begets Separate Consciousness.
Understanding the chronology helps us to get the resulting changed perspective. Let's look again at the types of basic points of view of a separate human being from above.
1) (View is from a single location alone) is = the separate consciousness and
2) (The view is a mixture of a person's opinion of only seeing the view from a single location and a person's programmed beliefs) = the separate self consciousness

Having separate self awareness means seeing everything from a limited vantage point, at the point where the "separate self" is in consciousness right now. It means seeing life from an actual physical point of view, or from the point of view with one's beliefs and programming. In both types, the viewing angle is severely limited.
And this is very important to understand, because fundamentally all problems in this world arise from it.

Let's go even deeper.
Even the most comprehensive view of a separate self-consciousness can be perceived "narrow-mindedly" on other people because the view is still narrow/separate, only taken from a certain angle. Things that happen around a situation, from other perspectives, can therefore not be perceived by a person with a separate self-consciousness. So there is also the futility of blaming a person who is narrow-minded. This person only sees "chunks" of the Separate Self in the world, which are extensions of themselves. Everything in the experienced world inevitably becomes an extension of the separate self.

This can be seen from general physical experience in the following example. We all know divisions into "your" and "mine". Your car, your country, your food, your territory, your wife, your children, your pleasure, your fun and so on. By identifying the separate self as an extension of themselves, these people then only support their wife and child, and only because it is their wife or child. The problem comes from the beliefs and judgments that make your wife and child feel more important or special, for whatever reason. By doing so, other women and children are treated with less to no concern and attention.

Now let's imagine this, this separate self consciousness, in a bird's eye view of the whole world. Amazingly terrifying, isn't it!? For not everyone can be right about their separate selves, not all can be right. And that's how wars come about. There has never been a nation in history that went to war without belief in God, not even the Nazis. Everyone believed that God was on their side and they were right. But who is wrong who starts a war!? The imagined gain from a war is the expansion of itself, ever expanding into detail, creating the opposite of a "bigger picture." This shows in self-centeredness and self-seeking. If this is viewed in an extreme form, then we humans would call this phenomenon a "zombie". Because the picture gets smaller and smaller through the expansions, until after itself, there is nothing more that could expand. This is also known as the "spiritual death". But even after this death, there is another birth.

On an even higher level, since everything in the universe is made of the same "stuff" and is essentially interconnected and interdependent, we cannot truly be separate. We can only create a total illusion of separateness through thought and belief. And then we act as if we are disconnected from everything, yet we are still connected to Source.
The people who truly believe that they are separate from everything will focus on themselves and thus direct their attention and energy towards themselves, which naturally leads to 'selfishness'.

It is very important to grasp this issue because selfishness is the REAL root of all problems that exist. Strife, injustice, disagreement and taking from other creatures - like the environment, are offshoots of one deep taproot. They arise where there is separation and selfishness. And where there are, there are attempts to get from others what they themselves do not have. Likewise, money, greed, lust, war, vanity, political negligence and so on are also just offshoots from the one real root. It's logical in its own warped way.

By recognizing the separate self-consciousness, breaking the illusion of separateness by living 'self'-less love, 'self'-sacrifice, nurturing and giving, we regain Universal Consciousness. The Enlightenment.

If, instead of blaming people, we reach out to those who are limited, we will not only help others to have an experience that can broaden their perspective or awareness, but also raise our awareness.

Give and you will receive!

How I can change something in my life in a targeted manner?

In order to change something purposefully, it is necessary to understand that attention, in the form of concentration, sets the causes for the present life. In order to bring about the desired success, it is necessary to concentrate on a certain direction. All of us have come into contact with duality many times in this world. up and down. Small and big. Warm and cold. Indeed, these judgments of the outside world surround us every day, and often all the time. Through duality we can see that everything in life has opposites. So the present uncomfortable state also has an opposite. This is set with a precise goal. Clear goal setting is the first step in change. Without knowing where to go, I can't focus my concentration in the form of energy on a specific point. Without knowing where to go, I can't reach a goal because it doesn't exist. But what is needed to quickly change the current situation.

There are several ways you can achieve your goal, including with the help of tools. One or the other may be able to do this without aids. But for everyone else I have shown a possibility in the exercise below. But before that, we should look at the further development of the change together.

When we have a Material Plane, there is an opposite to that as well. This opposite level takes place where, for example, love exists. It is a higher spiritual level that cannot be seen or touched, but always precedes the Material level.
The universal hierarchy in life, which is also clearly recognizable in the animal world or in a company on earth, shows that everything has a natural order. Unlike the material plane, this plane has no time. It should be noted that this permanently present state means that no past or future has endured. Affirmations that are applied in the form of future or past cannot, in conclusion, have the desired success. This teaches us to formulate and feel our desires as if they have already been fulfilled. Currently. I am healthy, I am happy, I have my new car, ...

No one has ever achieved a goal in a controlled manner without having an idea of the desired success.
An example: Before a house is built, the client and the construction company agree on a house plan. Size, how many rooms, etc. This planning serves as a guide for the construction, so that the wishes are met and not just built in any way. The same is true of imagination. It is the planning, as in the building example, so that nothing is manifested. By thinking about what I need in my house, I focus on it and consciously create the desired state directly on the spiritual level. At the same time, it diverts my energy from the negative things. This is reinforced by writing it down on a piece of paper and manifested with an actual feeling of gratitude. Repeat it again and again, go into this story again and again, bring it to life until it has become a part of you. Patience and confidence are a basic requirement until the manifestation is complete in order not to avert the concentrated energy. With the feeling of gratitude, opportunities in life will reveal themselves that lead to the desire. The time to success depends on the amount of attention, in the form of concentration, invested in the desire. Anything you can believe in, you can have! Faith determines, so to speak, the volume of possibilities that are available to you to create freely.

Now it requires patience and attention. Because life will offer you situations that will bring you closer to your desire. Accepting and agreeing to the appropriate options is the last thing to do materially. But be aware, life will offer you situations in abundance. For Abundance is the Actual State of Life. Be patient and only accept what fits best into your life. I recommend that you do it from now on. Why not just let the best into your life and turn the negative into the positive!? Everything is possible if we trust!

In principle, there is only one sensible question and two options when there are problems:
Do I like this situation?
Yes = then I leave everything as it is and lean back, relax and enjoy what I have caused
No = I use my imagination to create a new cause and ask this question again after it has been fulfilled. Until I can say YES to that question.

I live according to this principle and only focus my concentration on what I want, in present fulfillment and trust in life.

For exercise:
To optimize your goal setting, take a piece of paper and a pen. Now write down in bullet points how you imagine your life to be optimal, everything that is absolutely important for you at the moment.
Feel free to write important sub-items and draw a corresponding picture next to it. Feel free to go into detail if it is important to you.

For goal implementation:
Now make yourself comfortable, sit back, relax, read your bullet points again, and close your eyes.
Now visualize your bullet points as if you already had them. Create a story with it, like a daydream or a movie. A film that you keep creating inside and add what you want in your life. See yourself in this film taking all the necessary things you need from others and being happy and grateful.
Allow yourself to be in this film. Enliven your film with feelings now, bring them to life with the feeling of gratitude. Stick with it and let the surrounding situation be in the past. Only use their information to set a new cause. Have patience and trust that the Universe will Manifest your desires through the power of Universal Laws.
If you are unconditionally loyal to the universe, to life and withstand the doubts of the mind, then life will also fulfill your wishes faithfully. Even if you don't know where and how. God's ways are unfathomable, so don't focus on the way of getting it. It's enough that you get it!

Causes why your imagination is not manifested

Everyone in life is manifesting their reality at all times, whether consciously or unconsciously.
Manifestation (from Latin: manifestare 'to make palpable') refers to the becoming visible or revealing of things of all kinds that were previously invisible or shapeless.

Manifesting therefore means nothing more than making something visible or tangible on the outside, which previously only existed in your inner, in your thoughts, in your imagination.

By manifesting, you transfer the desired energy of your goal from the conscious into your subconscious, which makes your goal in life visible.

This can be done through free imagination or through guided affirmations. In any case, we have words that we use for these processes and reveal a corresponding effect. The effect of the words we use depends on the individual story behind the word, which everyone has saved in their own personal dictionary. This is critical to successful targeted manifestation. Check the meaning behind the words you say and use the knowledge to align yourself with the desired vibration.
In order to be able to help beings, I have taken care to use words from the publicly recognized space and their definitions, which you can find in any public dictionary for your language. The adjustment to the one and the same language vibration makes it easier for us to support the development. But I am also able to put myself in your shoes in order to help you.

I also offer a workshop specifically for this purpose, in order to deal with your individual situation.
Information about the workshop can be found at the bottom of this page.

Through conversations with beings and through my perspective, I see exactly why manifestation does not lead to the desired success.

I will show you here with individual commonly used terms in relation to the laws, why manifestations cannot be implemented.

If you need something, you don't have it. It testifies to a lack, the absence of what you need. But in order to manifest your imagination it is necessary to have, to be abundance. Already being what you want. So imagine it Presently as if you already have it.

To wish:
To wish also implies lack, an insecurity that does not define a clear goal. With wishes you give the possibility that something unexpected can come into your life. Find security in understanding the cosmic laws and transform your desire into a concrete goal. Clear goal setting is a basic requirement for success.

If you're concerned about how to get your goal, that's another deficiency. It testifies that you do not trust the Universe, thereby blocking the Universal Ways and preventing manifestation. Make up your own mind what you want. How you get it is the job of the Universe.

Your invested energy determines when your desire appears. The question of when reveals impatience, which shows you don't fully trust the universe. Come into the natural perfect trust and let go of your goal so that it can manifest.

"I will receive" reveals the goal in the future. However, on the mental plane there is only the present, "I have received". Thus your manifestation will not have the desired success, because we have to be what we want to attract.

If you don't want something, you automatically pull it into your life. The energy you send out with this negation testifies to lack in the form of rejection and automatically attracts negation. Life is fullness itself. Turn your concentration to the other pole and use your attention to withdraw energy from what you do not want. Only when you vibrate in unison with the universe can manifestations succeed in a targeted manner.

A deeper explanation of the vibration

Everything vibrates to the rhythm of the universe, according to the principle of nature. Every object is made up of atoms that are constantly in motion, with speed determining whether an object appears solid, liquid, or gas. The vibrations transcend the realm of matter to include sound, light and the essence of our thoughts. We communicate with the Universe through the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and feelings. With the effect of the resonance, the events that we encounter in life, in reality, manifest themselves.

In order to manifest the Desired Abundance, it is necessary to synchronize the vibration with the Cosmic Vibration. The transformation begins with the nourishment of thoughts. What you think affects your feelings through past events and thus determines the vibration you attract. Whether consciously or unconsciously.